"three dreamers with huge hearts, huge ambitions and a huge sound!"


“YUCA is, quite simply, the best band you've never heard.” 

Matt Borck; lead vocals and guitar, Andy Boldt; bass and backing vocals, and Dave Atkinson; drums, create the indie-rock power trio that is YUCA.   

These three artists have been developing their unique sound and craft for over 10 years.  Within this time, they have experienced long days, late nights, ultimate highs, and extreme lows.  These are the moments that have shaped the personality and heart of YUCA that is translated into their music.  With this foundation, YUCA is in pursuit of building their childhood dreams into an empire. 

It is this notion that inspired the production of their most recent album, Rebuilding the Fallen Empire.  “The title has a double meaning,” says Matt Borck, “To us it not only means reviving rock n’ roll, but it’s also personal. We’ve been in the trenches and working our butts off, so it also symbolizes making our dreams a reality.”  The hard work has privileged them with multiple tours to Japan, performing with many well-known artists, main stage performances including the World Telus Ski and Snowboard Festival, and also working with Missy Elliot's DJ “DJ Mellow D” to produce Remixing the Fallen Empire 

YUCA’s sound has been described as “epic and unparalleled” with comparisons to Muse, Radiohead, Coldplay, and U2.  They are especially known for their live performances where the band is brilliant at engaging their audiences to experience raw emotion and power that will take your breath away.  Their compelling stage presence and diverse portfolio sets them apart and has allowed them to propel into the next chapter for YUCA.     

“The many facesis the newest album to be released this year.  The title expresses the many faces of YUCA, as they showcase the product of working together for many years and developing a diverse musical profile.   YUCA has always been a band to recognize the support and love from their family, friends, and fans.  It is through their music that they give back with inspirational lyrics and sounds. 

“We want our music to be the voice of encouragement and support for all to pursue their dreams.”